73-4920 Manu Mele Street - Open House walk through

On January 7th I attended the commissioner's open house for 73-4920 Manu Mele St.  It sure was open, in fact, it has no doors at all!  Well, there are some doors, but they're not installed.  There is plenty of lumber and materials on site, but sadly it is not installed.  

Here is the foreclosure listing:  http://www.bigislandforeclosures.com/2023/12/73-4920-manu-mele-street-kailua-kona.html

This is a private lender foreclosure, and unlike most open houses, the private lender was present.  He shared details about the home and has the blue prints to pass along if a third-party bidder outbids him at auction.  There was significant interest, but the amount owed is $850k and that is what the private lender intends to bid.  Anyone with the capacity to finish the home and work with the county could get a fabulous deal, but for everyone else, this seems like a big can of worms.  

Here is a link to the house plans provided by the private lender.  If you plan to bid, please do thorough due diligence with the county planning department to understand what you're getting into. 

Two story shell, set on a hill on a one acre lot:

The view: 

Framing has been started.  Per the private lender - the ground rough inspection has been completed, but not the framing inspection: 

Beautiful tongue and groove ceiling and beams, but no roofing on top.  😟

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