Hawaii County Tax Sale Auction recap

The 72nd tax sale was held yesterday (Jan 18, 2023) in Hilo.  This year it was at the Sangha Hall which was great on the inside but lacked sufficient parking for everyone in attendance.  They were obviously expecting fewer attendees because they quickly started putting out more chairs, adding approximately 50% more seating.     

As always, there was a long reading of the rules and many, many, many reminders that the property is as-is, where-is, with no guarantees of clear title or the availability of title insurance.  Finally, the bidding started.  The first 54 properties were in Nanawale and they did not sell well at all.  Some didn't even receive "upset price" which is the minimum amount the county can take.  All of those that did not receive any bids were set aside to be rebid at the end.  When the bidding finally moved out of the Nanawale area, all the remaining properties received at least two bids.  The highest sale was $103,000.  The lowest sale was $3,107.93.  After two rounds of being offered (and one property being offered a 3rd time - I'm guessing someone asked for it to be re-offered after the one they wanted on round 2 was sold to someone else?), 10 lots remained unsold.  

Here are the final results: 72nd Tax Sale Results  (The final bid price is written under the upset price for each property, X-ed out properties were removed (paid off) prior to the auction but after the list was printed)

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