How old is this foreclosure anyway? And why does it matter?

 How can you tell when a foreclosure was started?  Look at the case number.  In all the foreclosure notices the commissioners include the case number.  The first two digits of the number represent the year it was started.  For example, the last notice I posted: has the case number 18-1-0308 (sometimes they are in different formats, sometimes including 3CC at the beginning (3rd Circuit Court) but they all have the year number.  The Makanaa street foreclosure started in 2018.  This to me is also a good indication of how challenging it might be to deal with the prior owners.  If someone has dragged a foreclosure out for 4 or 5 years, they are stubborn and willing to bog the court system down with nonsense to stay in their home.  If they are occupying the property still, you can expect they will be more than challenging to remove.  

To get more details on the case, check the eCourt Kokua website:  

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