Auction Recap - 73-4359 Hau Nani St.

  Auction Recap - 73-4359 Hau Nani St.  Private bidder was the winning bid.

Click here for a copy of the Foreclosure Notice

Click here for a copy of the Fact Sheet 

The auction for 73-4359 Hau Nani St. was held at noon on September 8th.  This was a vacant single family home in Kona.  I did not attend the open house so condition is unknown.  Besides the bank representative and the commissioner, there were 4 registered bidders* and 4 observers in attendance.  The amount owed according to the fact sheet was $650,347.96 as of August 1, 2019.  The bank bid $576,400.  A private party bid #576,500.  This was the final bid.    

*There were two auctions held by the same commissioner and 4 bidders registered.  I could not tell who registered for which property.  

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