Auction Recap - 92-9022 Tree Fern Lane

 Auction Recap - 92-9022 Tree Fern Lane.  Bank was the winning bid.

Click here for a copy of the Foreclosure Notice

Click here for a copy of the Fact Sheet 

The auction for 92-9022 Tree Fern Lane was held at noon on August 16th.  This was a vacant house in Ocean View in decent condition.  Besides the bank representative and the commissioner, there was one bidder and one observer in attendance.  The amount owed according to the fact sheet was, "$128,605.28 ... Interest continues to accrue on the Note ad the rate of 5.875% per annum of $16.71 per day."  The bank bid just under $167,000.  I expected a bank bid around $150k.  The bidder did not outbid the bank.  

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