16-1382 Uhini Ana Road, Mountain View, Hawaii - Foreclosure Notice

From The Hawaii Tribune Herald 8/22/2021:

Notice #: 0001338689-01

NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE Pursuant to the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law; Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment and for Interlocutory Decree of Foreclosure Filed September 9, 2019; Exhibit “A”, entered on November 27, 2019, in Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A., as Trustee for Mortgage Assets Management Series I Trust, v. Paul Addison Crawford, et al, Civil No. 15-1-0364 (GKN), Third Circuit Court (Hilo), State of Hawaii, the undersigned Commissioner will sell the following described parcel of real property at public auction at the date, time and place set forth below. Property Description: A fee simple lot, land area of 1.868 acres, more or less. Commissioner’s property inspection indicates a two-story single-family dwelling situate at 16-1382 Uhini Ana Road, Mountain View, Hawaii. The lot is designated as Tax Map Key No. (3) 1-6-015-082. Terms&Method of Sale: Parcel and improvements thereon will be sold “AS IS”, without any warranty of title or any other warranty, to the highest bidder at public auction with NO UPSET PRICE. DATE OF SALE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. SALE IS NOT FINAL UNTIL APPROVED AND CONFIRMED BY THE COURT. The highest bidder is required to make a down payment in cash, certified check or cashier’s check at the time of the bid in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the bid price. The balance of the price shall be paid in cash, certified check or cashier’s check to the Commissioner upon approval and confirmation of the sale by the Third Circuit Court. The buyer shall be responsible for paying the costs of conveyancing, including preparing documents, recordation, conveyance tax, and securing possession of the property. Open Houses: None, pursuant to Order Granting Commissioner’s Motion for Leave to Waive Open Houses or for Instructions, filed January 27, 2020 entered June 1, 2020 Public Auction: Wednesday September 22, 2021 at 12:00 Noon, at the front lanai area of Hale Kaulike (State Courthouse building), 777 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 *Note: Pursuant to Emergency Court Orders, auctions shall be conducted following CDC guidelines. All participants and observers must follow CDC social distancing and mask requirements as described above. No person shall participate in an auction or open house if they: (1) have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or other symptoms of respiratory illness or of COVID-19; (2) have had close or prolonged contact with a person who has or is suspected to have COVID-19; or (3) have traveled outside of Hawai’i in ten (10) days prior to the auction or open house and have not satisfied the negative test exception to the mandatory self-quarantine period, subject to any out-of-state travel restrictions imposed through Statewide or County emergency orders, rules or proclamations. For more information: Contact Jill D. Raznov, Esq., 505 Kilauea Ave. Suite B, Hilo, HI 96720, phone: (808) 961-0055; Email: jdraznov@gmail.com. JILL D. RAZNOV, Commissioner (HTH1338689 8/22, 8/29, 9/5/21)

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